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Is substitute teaching a real job?

While substitute teaching is beneficial to those who want to 'tide themselves over' between semesters of college or grad school or simply want to 'get their face out there' for the future, it is not a full-time position as many districts and administrators seem to think it is.

How to be an amazing and successful substitute teacher?

What do I need to know to be a substitute teacher?Arrive early.Be understanding.Use other teachers as a resource.Maintain control of the classroom.Bring your own supplies.Consider any special needs students.Have a backup plan.Reward good behavior.

How to get jobs as a substitute teacher?

To be eligible for the $300 funding, individuals must:Obtain a valid Colorado substitute authorizationRegister and attend a Substitute Boot CampWork a minimum of one day as a substitute in a Colorado school district, BOCES, charter or approved facility school.

How should you treat a substitute teacher?

Part 3 Part 3 of 3: Handling a Substitute Teacher You Don’t LikeUnderstand that you don’t have to like everyone. Throughout your life, you will meet many people, and you probably won't like all of them.Be as polite as you can. This can be difficult with someone you don’t like, but as you grow into an adult you will learn that you have to ...Say as little as possible. ...Deal with inappropriate behavior accordingly. ...

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