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What is a Fender G Dec?

The Fender G-DEC is a little amp that comes with a "band included" according to Fender. In essence it is a modeling amp with an internal synthesizer and sequencer. The sequncer can play different styles of drum, bass, annd keyboard accompaniment to jam along to.

What does G-Dec stand for?

The Fender G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) is a family of "teaching" and practice amplifiers, manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, that all feature amp modelling and effects, drum/bass patterns, teaching and performance backing loops, internal synth with MIDI interface, tuner, phrase sampler.

What is the difference between the G Dec 3 15 and 30?

This newer model comprises two versions; the "G-DEC3 Fifteen" 15 watt and the "G-DEC3 Thirty" 30 watt. The latter has stereo line outs for connectivity to sound reinforcement equipment. There is also an amplifier for bass players called B-DEC 30 (Bass Digital Entertainment Center).

What can I do with a G-Dec?

These can be used for simply playing along to, but the G-DEC has an internal phrase sampler so up to 14 seconds of music from any plugged-in source, including your guitar, can be recorded and looped. Half-speed playback is possible if there´s a difficult phrase that needs learning.

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