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What is the use of modulus in Java?

Java Modulus / Modulo operator – Examples and Uses. The Java modulus ‘%’ operator is one of numerous operators built into the Java programming language. The operator is used to calculate the remainder of the division between two numbers. First, let us discuss how the operator works.

What is modulo operator in Java?

Java Modulo Operator In mathematics, there is basically four arithmetic operators addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/). In programming, except for these four operators, there is another operator called modulo or modulus operator. It is represented by the percentage symbol (%).

What does the modulus operator do?

The modulus operator returns the remainder of the two numbers after division. If you are provided with two numbers, say, X and Y, X is the dividend and Y is the divisor, X mod Y is there a remainder of the division of X by Y. Let me make you guys familiar with the technical representation of this operator.

What is the difference between modulo and Division in Java? The major difference between modulo and division operators is that the modulo (%) operator gives the remainder while the division (/) operator gives the quotient. The following Java program will clear the concept of modulo and division operator.

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