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What are payroll performance metrics and why are they important?

Whether you’re a standalone employee or part of a larger payroll team, these payroll performance metrics will provide you with the knowledge to track the success of key business objectives, ensure payroll resources are distributed correctly and help support your employees. What are payroll KPIs?

How do you measure payroll performance in training?

While it will provide many long-term benefits for your organisation, the initial cost and productivity levels of employees throughout training can be detrimental. To generate this key payroll performance metric, simply divide the total training cost by the number of trainees throughout the process.

What is employee performance and how is It measured?

Put simply, employee performance is how a member of staff fulfils the duties of their role, completes required tasks and behaves in the workplace. Measurements of performance include the quality, quantity and efficiency of work.

What are the key performance indicators (KPI) for payroll management?

Improve (reduce) the cost of the payroll – This KPI tracks and measures the payroll team’s ability to improve or reduce the overall cost of running the payroll over time. The higher this metric, the greater the extent to which the payroll team is able to improve or reduce the payroll running costs over time.

If you are unable to access the Performance Payroll Employee login page, please contact us and we will update the link.

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