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What does PRMS stand for?

Professional Risk Management Services (“PRMS”) provides the information contained in this website for general use and information. Information provided is intended to improve clarity on issues regarding psychiatry services and insurance coverage, and related issues regarding those services.

Is PRMS the right ERP system for your business?

PRMS has proven to be a suitable and reliable ERP system for many companies. Instead of spending 6 or 7 figures to implement a new ERP system, many PRMS companies have been investing in filling the gaps that are specific to what their businesses require.

What is the latest version of PRMS?

PRMS 5.1.0 (released May 31, 202). PRMS 5.0.0 (released May 30, 2019). Support is provided for correcting bugs and clarification of how the code is intended to work. Only limited assistance can be provided for applying PRMS in specific studies.

What is the PRMS psychiatrist’s program?

Your professional liability insurance policy through the PRMS Psychiatrists’ Program covers you for the rendering of psychiatric services as a volunteer in the state where you are licensed. As a policy holder, your volunteer hours will not count against your total practice hours.

If you are unable to access the Prms login page, please contact us and we will update the link.

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